Jeni’s Top Fit-Fashion Picks

Jeni’s Top Fit-Fashion Picks

If you’re like me, I’m assuming you don’t spend half the amount of time thinking about your workout clothes as you do for a wedding or job interview. Why would we? Working out is for sweating, pushing limits and acquiring a few muscles here and there, right?

But consider this: Looking good = feeling good.  Hear me out.  I’ve thrown on old leggings that were at the bottom of my pile and half way through my day thought to myself, ‘now I know why they were at the bottom.  I hate the way these fit me.’  Then Im stuck feeling uncomfortable the rest of the day/workout.  Why do that to yourself?  Work something you feel confident in and notice a change in your attitude and your workout.  It’s science… I think… I mean it makes sense.

Here are a few of my favorite brands and I think they should be your favorites too:
Carbon38: The best fitness apparel website that has such a range, you’ll find so many…probably too many things that you’ll love.  Their daily emails are beautiful and so well done that I get excited to open my email from them every morning. Use my discount code, JENIFERDEL50, for some instant savings!
Outdoor Voices:  One of my new faves! I love that I can always tell when someone comes in wearing OV in my class.  They have this classic tech look that stands out in a subtle way. Not to mention their colorways… color blocking at it’s finest.
CoEd: I love this new local brand – everything assembled in Los Angeles and love feeling like I’m giving back locally! They host events here and there, so stay tuned to some of their fitness get togethers!

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