See what my clients say

See what my clients say
“Jeni DelPozo is a force. Her passion for Pilates is felt whenever you are around her. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeni from the beginning of her teaching journey. Her clients (current and future) are so lucky. Jeni practices what she preaches. Feeling Pilates in her body as much as she recommends her clients to feel it in theirs. Jeni’s programming is unique to each person she works with. Her clients walk away feeling more connected to their mind, body and soul every session. If you’re looking for an instructor dedicated to your goals and needs you have found her. Enjoy your sessions with Jeni! She’s amazing. xx~LL Pilates Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Business Coach” – Lesley Logan

“I can honestly say that Jeni DelPozo saved me from major back surgery! After 18 months of severe pain with herniated disc, where I tried every non-surgical remedy — acupuncture, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and anti-inflammatories — I scheduled some steroid injections to see if that would work before heading to surgery. At the last minute, I thought I would try one last thing, Pilates. I left Jeni’s first session thinking “That was easy, but I don’t feel like anything major happened.” By the third session I was feeling less pain. By the three week mark (9 sessions) I was PAIN FREE! What can I say? Jeni saved my life and gave me tools to use forever to prevent pain. I love her!” – Dr Wendy Walsh

“Jeni’s innate cueing ability ensures that poses are done correctly, without injury, and makes even the most challenging poses user-friendly.” – Devon Wyatt

“Jeni was my Pilates instructor/trainer before my wedding and my body never looked better.  Over the years I have tried weight lifting, barre, spin, and many other classes.  Pilates is the only workout that truly got me into the shape I wanted by making me look longer, leaner, and healthier.  Jeni is a rock star at making modifications if you have any injuries or sensitive areas, because of her expertise in anatomy.  Even better, she is very patient with people like me who have a hard time getting the hang of the exercise or the equipment the first or second time around (or sometimes even more). The best part about Jeni is that she is always enthusiastic, realistic, and fun!  She plays the best music.  She is a natural teacher and you will want to be her best friend the day you meet her.  It was so refreshing to always enter a positive, fun environment and feel 100% better after leaving a session with Jeni, no matter how I felt upon entering. I highly recommend Jeni DelPozo for your Pilates instruction!” -Rosie Riera

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  • Jeni has helped me in countless ways, but most importantly she has helped reignite my passion for working out. Easily the most patient and encouraging trainer I’ve had. She quickly identifies and corrects form to ensure I am working the intended areas and her passion for other people’s success is obvious. We’ve started working through a particular injury, but the workouts have become so much more than that.

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